Sunday, 1 April 2012


 While charity shopping/trifting yesterday, I found these 3 (badly) framed cross stitches. I intend to turn them into small hanging cushions. As soon as I made them I will post photos here.

 UPDATE: I decided to turn one of the cross-stitches into a pin cushion, instead! Sadly when I removed the other two from the frames I noticed tienie dots/stains, so at the moment, I`m trying to get rid of them... fingers crossed that I will manage so I can make something with them too!

 UPDATE: I managed to get rid most of the stains on the cushion below. But I`m really struggling with the last cross-stitch. Hopefully a few more hours in the soaking water will help!


  1. Really beautiful blog and cross stitch things you do! Now i´m ýour follower too! Hugs from Italy.

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  3. Sorry for my not good american english ^_^

  4. How wonderful that you saved these pieces! Looking forward to seeing how you redo them!

  5. I love how you've finished one of them into a pincushion. It looks so pretty. Good luck with getting the stains out on the other two.

  6. Hello Debbie
    Thank you for leaving a comment and follow my blogger.
    Also I am already a follower of your blogger you do beautiful work. kisses

  7. It was well done you saved those stitchings from the flee-market.
    The pincushion you made is very pretty,I love those fabrics and laces too :) :)
    Thank You for visiting my blog !

    How is the spring coming in G.B ?!
    We have cold here in Finland ,and there still some snow in my garden.

  8. I remember those old designs from an old cross-stitch magazine--how nice that you've given them a second life :) Your pincushion is adorable!

  9. Hello, your blog is very nice! my English is bad.

  10. heel mooi, prachtige kleuren

  11. Hello Debbie,
    Thank your for stopping by my blog with your kind comment.
    You have some beautiful finds. I am amazed sometimes when I see these needlework pieces charity/thrift shops. My first thought is all the hours someone gave to that piece.
    I enjoyed looking around your blog at all your beautiful work.
    I am on to follow too:)

  12. What wonderful finishes you made with these thrift store finds!

  13. Just been catching up with your blog.You have made up some amazing stuff.