Saturday, 31 March 2012


Yesterday I managed to make another small ornament.
  Its from the magazine Christmas Ornaments 2011.
 Actually nearly all the ornaments that I made
 so far came from this magazine! 
 Must buy another magazine as I`m running out of 
 ideas/charts to stitch!

Leaving you with photos of my 11 year old doing her tapestry!

She keeps asking me to teach her how to cross-stitch... I will during this Summer holidays! She will be the same age as me, when I first started to cross-stitch!

P.S- Many thanks for your sweet comments regarding my wedding cross-stitch, you are all big sweet hearts!


  1. Cute finish! How wonderful that your daughter likes needlework! She's very cute!

  2. I remember that pattern from Christmas Issue ! :)
    Cross Stitcher,WOX,CS Gold ,CS Collection etc. are available here in Finland too. They are all super cool mags and I am subscriber WOX !!
    Lovely ornament again..isnt it great to share your hobby with your DD .
    I am so happy to stitch with my 15 years old daughter :)

  3. All so very wonderful! That is great that your daughter is into stitching as well! I was her age when I got hooked on cross stitching.